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Let us handle the job while you get the credits! 

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Care & Collect: the total solution for efficient debtor management. 

A complete collection process? Or would you prefer flexible, customised support for part of the collection process or for your customer portfolio? Or perhaps our Plug and Play processes for occasional non-payments? The choice is yours.

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Our Team

60 trained and specialised professionals will deal with your outstanding invoices at the Care & Collect centre.


What makes Care & Collect unique? 

In your name

You collect your invoices from your customer, but behind the scenes, we do the work. In the out-of-court phase (You Collect), we work in your name and on your behalf, without mentioning Care & Collect. The debtor pays directly into your bank account.

A total approach

The debt collection sector already offers a wide range of services, but usually in a fragmented manner and focused on one sub-aspect of the collection process. A collection agency concentrates on the out-of-court collection process and a bailiff on the judicial execution phase.

At Care & Collect each phase receives maximum attention.

We go further because we offer complete and consistent management of your invoices from the invoice date. And that also means working on the relationship with your customer from the moment your invoice goes out the door.

Advisory role

In addition to following up on invoices, we can also advise you on the optimisation of certain aspects within your organisation, based on our analyses. This allows you to improve your customer relations with future-oriented actions.

Possibility of customisation

Every company has its own way of working. We adapt our solutions so that they fit perfectly into your way of working. This way, you get competence and knowledge that is very responsive, but still perfectly adapted to your company.

Flexible approach

Whichever solution you choose, Care & Collect offers the possibility of entering the process at different points in time. Our experience shows that the earlier the follow-up starts, the faster your invoices will be paid.

Specialized contact centre

Care & Collect is specialized in the collection of outstanding debts by telephone. Our employees are therefore all trained professionals.

Continuity assured

Each debtor portfolio is assigned to a team consisting of one or more dedicated and back-up employees.

Simple follow-up

As a client, you receive an unlimited number of accesses to our platform. This enables you to follow up your files live 24/7, even when these files are in the legal phase. Moreover, you will have one specific contact person within Care & Collect. Smooth communication guaranteed!


Triple A

As a professional partner and specialist in credit management, we welcome you to the world of Credit Management.

Since 2008, Triple A Solutions has been supporting companies in managing their outstanding invoices. Throughout the years, we have grown into the specialist in Credit Management.

Through temporary support, recruitment and selection and/or the development of a credit department, we offer concrete and direct solutions tailored to your company.

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About credibill

The goal of our software is to create a clear overview on the state of your invoices. This is why we are based on three main features: Efficiency in Automatization, Flexible Reporting and Easy Integrations.

Credibill is built with the 200 collectors working at Triple A Solutions and programmed by our very own software-engineers. Ensuring you get Belgium’s finest Credit Management Software and a fully integrated billing system.

Lycs architecture U2 BI3 G Mn SSE unsplash