Credit Management

Our approach for a fully integrated follow-up of your debtor management. 

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Care & Collect stands for …

At all times, Care & Collect stands for customisation and respect for you business philosophy. That is why our collection professionals guarantee you flexibility, transparency and efficiency. You have your own contact person and can consult and follow up your files 24/7 on our platform. Smooth communication guaranteed.

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We Collect

With Care & Col­lect Incas­so

Our primary task is to collect your unpaid invoices in an ethically correct manner. This allows us to pay the necessary attention to the future relationship with your customers. How we make the improbable possible.

The benefits of Care & Collect


Healthier liquidity

Your company will have a healthier liquidity by improving your cash position.

Satisfied debtors

Satisfied debtors and deepening of customer relationships


Focus on your business and core tasks


Simplicity and transparency of all statuses and activities

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