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Care & Collect, a partner you can rely on for the collection of your invoices. 

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Before You Collect

From invoice date to invoice due date

1. Strengthen the relationship with your customers

2. Get feedback from your customers

3. Prevent future payment problems

• Being on the ball short and efficient for an optimal result is done in the period between invoice date and due date by proactively ‘steering’ payments. In this way, we can quickly detect potential problems and offer an appropriate solution.

• In addition, we work on a positive customer relationship.

• This phase ends on the due date of the invoice, the moment when the invoice has become payable.

• We contact your customers in every possible way, even by SMS if you wish.

You Collect

From invoice maturity +1 to collection or legal phase (We Collect)

1. Communication by telephone, e-mail, letter, text message, …

2. Procedures and tone of communication of your choice.

3. This phase is fully modulable according to your wishes and needs.

• Your invoice is expired. It’s time to start the collection process, because the quicker you are on the ball, the faster your customers will pay.

• We propose the most effective course of action: a uniform procedure that takes into account the deadlines and tone of communication desired by you. You can count on a tailor-made approach based on the philosophy and objectives of your company.

• For an effective collection process, we take these very important elements into account:

° Type of debtors: B2B or B2C, or B2G?

° Relationship: one-off customers or repeat customers?

° Philosophy: balancing between collecting invoices and maintaining the customer relationship.

° Efficiency: what are the optimal processes and procedures?

• On the basis of all these elements, we create a collection process tailored to your needs. Care & Collect takes care of the agreed actions and will also provide full follow-up of the files, in your name and for your account.


We Collect

1. Instructions to lawyer and bailiff

2. Transparent cost statement

• We remain your central contact point and direct the bailiff and lawyer on your behalf and for your account:

° We prepare your file and send it to the bailiff with the request to send a final summons to your debtor, under the bailiff’s heading.

° The writ of summons will be issued and we will appoint a lawyer to represent you in court.

° After a judgement has been pronounced, we take charge of the expedition and the bailiff is asked to proceed to legal execution.

° We direct the bailiff to take the recovery measures and answer any questions.

° You can follow up your file online and in real time at any time via our management tool.

• But Care & Collect goes even further:

° In the case of a collective debt settlement, we ensure on your behalf that the claim is correctly transferred to the collective debtor. We transfer the file back to you only after receipt of the repayment plan as determined by the court.

Bankruptcies & Continuity of Enterprises Act (CEA): we undertake all necessary actions to file the claim and guarantee any other tasks (e.g. recovery of goods).

° Care & Collect operates not only in Belgium, but also throughout Europe. Our multilingual employees therefore also carry out their assignments outside the country borders.

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