Care & Collect - Collection

We collect

We ensure that your cash reaches you! We achieve this thanks to our many years of experience in the bailiff world and solid expertise in the out-of-court B2B and B2C market.

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Our working method

Managing and guiding your debtor

At Care & Collect, we believe in providing intensive guidance to your debtors during the collection process. You customer is taken by the hand to achieve the maximum result. To this end, we use a high-performance debtor portal and invest in maximum accessibility of our services.

High-performance debtor portal

The Care & Collect debtor portal ensures that the collections run even more efficiently. In a centralised manner, the debtor has all the tools to consult his file online, to follow it up and to proceed to settlement.

Payment options: the debtor can make the payment quickly and safely via the payment function in the Care & Collect debtor portal.

• Library of all documents: we keep a complete digital library of all correspondence for your debtor. So, nothing can get lost, overlooked or ignored.

• Making payment arrangements: thanks to sophisticated algorithms in our ‘’CrediBill’’ credit management software, the debtor can set up an instalment plan or enter a payment extension online himself.

• Complete accounting overview of all outstanding invoices, claims, interest and payments.

Maximum accessibility

No opportunity to talk to your debtor should be left unused. That is why we can be reached by telephone in addition to the usual channels (mail, e-mail): every working day between 08hOO and 18h30 and on Saturdays between 0h00 and 17h30. If your debtor sends us a message, we guarantee that he will be contacted within 24 hours, six days out of seven.

Personal contact

Care & Collect provides its customers with any time 1 point of contact, so that all communication can proceed smoothly and clearly.

Personalized approach

Care & Collect stands for a personalized approach to your debtor. Each story is written differently. At the same time, our software ensures that all possible processes are automated and tailored to the customer’s needs.


Collection Service

We Collect

Our primary task is to collect your unpaid invoices in an ethically correct manner. This allows us to pay the necessary attention to the future relationship with your customers.

Debt Collection

1. Customer-friendly debtor portal

2. Result-oriented approach

• A unique view on debt collection activities: many years of experience as a bailiff and in the out-of-court B2B and B2C market

• A unique philosophy:

° leading and guiding the debtor

° maximum accessibility

° customized work based on the philosophy of our clients

° personal approach combined with extensive automation